The “Happy Hours” is our new boat. It is the first of its kind in the Seattle area. It is a new top-of-line super-luxurious 26 ft Avalon pontoon boat. Waypoint Marine in Ballard is our dealer. This is the perfect boat for the Pacific Northwest or anywhere where you want versatility, quality and performance. It is a luxury deck and party room on the water at the dock, floating or motoring. These are our adventures and experiences. See the 6/12/11 post for free rides and dock parties.

Happy Hours on Lake Washington

Happy Hours on Lake Washington

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tom’s Boat Shop Seattle

Tom’s Boat Shop -- Seattle Area in Ballard
5350 – 30th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
206-257-6058 Tu-Fri 9-5, Sat & Sun 10-4
I bought my boat, Happy Hours, from Tom’s Boat Shop at the Seattle Boat Show in February 2011. Tom has been selling and servicing boats in Wilbur WA for many years. Tom opened his Seattle area dealership and showroom in Ballard May 1st, 2011. After I met Tom at the Boat Show we became good friends and he gave me a super deal for having the first of his Avalon luxury pontoon boats on Lake Washington.
I have his advertising on the sides of my boat. Because of Tom’s and my friendship and my passion for the new boat and LW sightseeing, I love taking guests for Happy Hours boating. Please let me know if you and your family, friends, associates or clients would like to join Susan and me on a Happy Hours outing or Happy Hours at the dock.
From Tom’s web page:  Tom's Boat Shop is a Family-owned, Family run, full service boat dealer. We believe in providing the absolute best customer service possible and we mean it. Before, during and long after the sale, we treat people with the greatest respect and are available to do whatever is needed to take care of our customer. We believe premium service along with premium products is a winning package, add to that exceptional people and you end up with a one of a kind dealer who really does care!
We specialize in new boat sales of Avalon pontoon boats.  Our full service repair facilities have state of the art equipment and certified technicians that can handle all of your repair and boat customization needs. Small town hospitality, great people and first rate service tell the story.”


  1. Hi, you own such a fascinating site, on it! Also I wanted to ask you one thing that I am interested about. Is this a paid theme that you can buy online or a default one?

    1. Sorry to take so long to get back. Busy at the Boat Show. This is a standard template that comes with Blogger (Google) - it called "Picture Window."

  2. Hi, We bought an Avalon Eagle pontoon boat from the Wilbur Toms Boat store over a year ago. We used it about 4 times and discovered that my wife and I just aren't "boat people". To much work (I am somewhat disabled), and our launching facility on Twin Lakes in Idaho wasn't the best. So we decided to sell it. We drove it back to Wilbur and they agreed to let us leave it on their lot for sale. We are asking $13,800.00. It comes with a 15hp Honda motor, swim ladder, anchor, protective cover, and a single axle Carnai trailer. Do you know of anyone over there that might want our boat? Our email is Thank you.

  3. After I met Tom at the Boat Show we became good friends and he gave me a super deal for having the first of his Avalon luxury pontoon boats ...